Do you accept Euros, GBP, AUD, NZD and other currencies?

Our payments are mediated via PayPal, all payments in currencies different than USD are converted to it. You can pay with any currency. You can check estimated rate in google converter, simply google for example “GBP to usd” to get estimated prices in GBP.

Can you do my cape via teamviewer?

Fire Capes are not infernal services, so sharing account for them doesn’t warrant ban.
We’ll do your fire cape via teamviewer but only if you are P-Mod, as P-Mods are ocassionally checked for unathorised logins.
Account sharing is allowed by Jagex’s rules, there’s no point to use teamviewer on regular accounts.

What will happen if you get me defence XP?

If we get you Defence xp you’ll receive 50M OSRS, full refund of service and free service, however attack style has to be set to “rapid” or “kick” when we log in.

Can I see any proof of that you actually serve people?

Yeah, check out our -> gallery <-, we’re constantly adding new pictures to it from time to time.

How much does it cost?

Price calculator shows prices for all 50+ Ranged accounts including 1-31 Prayer builds aswell, Ironmen and accounts under 50 Ranged / Melee or Mage capes have individual prices (ask for them on livechat)

How does the service work ?

Fire Caping service is service basing on account sharing. That means providing login details is absolute must. Service is done fully by hand, that means without using bots or any other scripts or software. All services are performed on RuneScape Official client.

Are you offering any discounts?

First discount is availability to purchase just Jad (63 wave) instead of purchasing full fire cape run-in.

Second discount available for multiple orders for 43+ Prayer Fire Capes. It’s negotiable depending on amount of capes bought.

is for getting Jad pet in our service. If you get jad pet service will be absolutely free of charge.

How do I purchase Jad only?

Jad only can be purchased via ticking Jad only option in price calculator. Please follow the guide to logout properly, we’ve upgraded website since this video was produced, however there are no major changes in ordering process at all.

What are chances of getting banned in RuneScape for using your service?

Chance exists, that’s the fact, however since 2008 we did our best to ensure that none of our customers will get banned.

Noone in our service got banned so far.

If you’ll be the first who’ll get banned for that you’re protected by insurance, which guarantees you 100M OSRS GP + full refund in case of ban

There’s no other service on this planet that offers any kind of compensation in case of ban, looks like we are the only service that is confident enough about security of our customer’s accounts!

Do you require Bank PIN ? service doesn’t require bank pin.

What happens if you die?

You’re paying for guaranteed cape, if for some reason service will be failed you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Do I have to prepare gear for this service?

Yes, please enter your stats in price calculator, gear list is under the price.

Do I have to remove my authenticator?

For 1-31 prayer orders authenticator has to be removed and it’s not negotiable.

For 40+ Prayer orders it’s suggested to disable it temporarily.
If you’d like to keep it enabled once it’s your turn for service you’ll be notified via that what you left as “contact” while ordering.
You’ll be given 10minutes to request a chat and tell us the auth code, if you’ll be late order will be skipped

Do you do Ironman / Ultimate Ironman / Hardcore Ironman Fire Capes?

Yes, we’re also getting Fire Capes on all kind of Ironmen accounts. Saradomin Brews and Super restores are NOT required. Price is individual for each account depending on stats and gear

Do I have to pay extra if I get Jad Pet?

It works other way round. If you get Jad pet you don’t have to pay anything. Payment for cape you purchased will be returned to you if you get Jad Pet in our service, so if you get lucky enough to get a Jad Pet, the service you purchased will be completely free.

How do I order with RSGP?

You should leave GP in inventory instead of any potion. We got spare potions, so it wont be an issue.
Use the switcher in top right corner of your screen to change prices to RSGP.

How do I order with Credit/Debit card?

Credit/Debit card payments are processed via PayPal. You can order without having paypal account.

What are minimal stats you require?

For 40+ Prayer accounts: 36 Ranged, 10 HP, 43 Prayer, 1 Defence

For 1-31 Prayer accounts: 50 Ranged 1 Prayer 10+ Hp, 1 Defence

For Low Ranged accounts: 85+ Strength / Attack, 70+ Def or 85+ Magic, 40+ Def 43+ Prayer

How will I know my service is completed?

You will be notified via that what you left as “contact” while ordering.

Contact live chat