Minimal stats for Fire Cape service

For 40+ Prayer accounts: 36 Ranged, 10 HP, 43 Prayer, 1 Defence, all requests with HP & Ranged lower than 50 are quoted individually

For 1-31 Prayer accounts: 50 Ranged 1 Prayer 10+ Hp, 1 Defence, all requets with HP lower than 50 are quoted individually

For Low Ranged accounts: 85+ Strength / Attack, 70+ Def or 85+ Magic, 40+ Def 43+ Prayer, melee requests are quoted individually

Ironmen are always quoted individually, we recommend atleast 50 Ranged and 43 Prayer. If it comes to gear you need atleast Bone Cbow / yew shortbow with green d’hides to be served, the higher stats and better gear you have the cheaper it gets.