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Hello and welcome to Sparta.RS – The world’s foremost expert on getting your Fire Cape on any account type, including 1 pray, ironmen, low range, any combat style and more!
We are the most trustworthy and popular Old School RuneScape fire cape service providers. We have thousands of reviews and vouches across different platforms like, trustpilot and more.

We have started this service, as the demand for fire cape has been high from the day it was released. It is the second-best melee cape in the game and can be obtained by surviving TzHaar Fight Caves. Not everyone can survive it, and a lot of players require someone to do it for them, so that is why we’re here to help. Would you rather, give your account details to a random player in-game or a trusted website like us, who has thousands of vouches? Well, I think you already know the answer to that!

You can buy this service by entering your stats or RuneScape name into our price calculator and proceed to checkout via hitting “Add to cart” button. If there’s any questions, our team is available day in and day out – always ready to help. They are very clear and effective with their communication skills towards anyone, regardless if your English is fluent or not.

We do not use any other Old School RuneScape 3rd party client to complete the services. We don’t make our work any easier by using clients that might get your account banned, we use the official RS client as the customer’s safety is in our #1 priority. No scripts are used while completing a service, and all orders are done strictly by our own hands, by doing that together with our knowledge about report mechanisms we’re the only service around the world that NEVER got any of accounts into the trouble.

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So, what are you waiting for? You’ve always wanted that fire cape, and now that you’ve reached the most trusted and convenient fire cape service in the world – it’s time to advance your account!
We look forward to beat the Jad to it’s knees on your account, and can’t wait to do so, it never gets boring!

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Account preparation service - for $3 extra fee we will use our own gear and our own supplies

Jad Only kills (Just Wave 63) - $3 or 13M for all stats. Gear and weapon is FULLY up to you in this case! Enter your stats and tick Jad only option to see guide how to logout properly.

Individually priced requests - (eg. ironmen, low level builds, , Leagues, Fresh Start World, melee capes - contact livechat to discuss price first)

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As we know, ironman and trailblazer modes are the most difficult in-game. Gathering the items that are required to complete the Fight Caves, may take weeks or even months.
This is where we come in, we’ve specialized ourselves in the caves with months of training. We can easily obtain the cape for you, even if your levels are low or you lack in high tier items.
We not only provide this service for regular accounts but also regular, hardcore, ultimate ironmen accounts and also on trailblazer mode. On top of that, we’re the only service out there which doesn’t require purple sweets for ironmen!

Name your build and we’ll start working on it!

1-31 Prayer? 1 Def? Low ranged level? Starting with just 10 HP? Welfare gear on ironman? It’s not any problem here!

If you buy Fire Cape service from us and we’ll get pet a Jad Pet on your account, then your payment will be fully returned. That means your Fire Cape service will be absolutely free of charge! How great is that?
We don’t require your bank pin, so if you’re not comfortable with providing it to us for your safety, we can work without having access to it.
Account merged with Jagex Account? No problem. Authenticator enabled? It’s not any issue aswell!

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To know more about how reliable and capable we are, you can always visit the biggest RuneScape markets online to view our vouches. We have around 2,000 listed vouches on forums, Over 1,000 orders successfully delivered at PlayerAuctions, Nearly 300 in Osbot Marketplace and we’re getting close to our first 100 reviews on Trustpilot!
They are all listed in our reputation section of our website.

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