| Fire Cape Service | 1-99 Prayer | No def XP | No bans | Ironmen is the most popular and trustworthy service around the world ran by true professionals. We serve OSRS players since 12 years. We offer the service on all account builds for cheap prices with quick delivery. We accept PayPal and OSRS GP as payment methods. No Prayer, 1 def pures, mains, ironman builds are served everyday in our service. All services are hand done on official OldSchool RuneScape client without any use of bots or plugins. Customer security is a priority for us, that’s why noone ever got banned in our service for account sharing or RWT-ing. Over the years we collected thousands of feedbacks that can be read on Our reputation tab.

All members were picked personally by owner of service basing fully on their profesionalism and trustworthiness.

We will keep you up to date with status of your order. Everyone is given estimated time on start and once service is completed every customer will get notification about completion.

If you’d like to switch between USD and RSGP payment methods, please use a tool in right top corner of your screen.

If your country’s currency is not USD it’s not any problem, your payment will be automatically converted by PayPal.

Fire cape gives +1 bonuses to all attacks, +11 defence bonuses, +4 strength.

If you have any questions feel free to ask via livechat. We’re available for 16-18 hours per day. Our hours of activity are listed in Contact-us tab, if we are offline on livechat you can leave an offline message on it with your questions – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Jad Only kills (Just Wave 63) - $3 or 3.9M for all stats. Gear and weapon is FULLY up to you in this case! Enter your stats and tick Jad only option to see guide how to logout properly.

Individually priced requests - (eg. ironmen, low level builds, melee capes - contact livechat to discuss price first)

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Fire Cape service ran by professional team serving players since 2008. Serving all account builds even 1 prayer 1 def pures. Fair prices for fair work, hand-done work without using any bots, thousands of users who have vouched for our legitimacy.

Fire cape gives +1 bonuses to all attacks, +11 defence bonuses, +4 strength.

We’re doing all possible fire capes, regardless if it’s maxed main or if it’s 30 combat level pure or 1-31 Prayer build. We are also providing our service for hardcore ironman, ultimate ironman and regular ironman accounts, 1 ranged/1 magic builds.

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We offer services for 1 Prayer / 15 Prayer / 31 Prayer / No prayer / no overheads fire cape service.
osrs fire cape service 1 prayer

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